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For more information about any of the upcoming trainings or workshops, please contact the designated person. You can register by email, buy payment is required within 10 days of your registration. We anticipate accepting online and credit card payments soon, but are not able to accept payment in that manner at this point.

02.20.2021 07:45 AM - 15:30 PM
**CANCELED** 2021 South Willamette OPTA Winter Workshop
Location: First Baptist Church, Eugene
Contact: David Jorgenson, Salem-Keizer SD
Due to the current COVID restrictions and metrics in place, the South Willamette Board of Directors have regretfully canceled the 2021 Winter Workshop scheduled for February 20, 2021. We understand that many districts and locations attend the Winter Workshop to fulfill their employee's ODE classroom hours. We have identified a number of ODE-certified classroom instructors that are willing to travel to your location and help you if you are in need of on-going classroom instruction hours. If you are in need of ODE classroom hours, please email with your request and we will put you in contact with a ODE-approved classroom instructor.

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